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IUC Engineering Company has forged significant partnerships, extending its global reach and expertise. A pivotal collaboration has been established with the esteemed Spanish company INTCSA, renowned for its proficiency in designing, supervising, consulting, and managing a spectrum of infrastructure projects, including excavations, roads, water distribution, metro systems, and water and sewage treatment plants. Moreover, IUCE has fostered a strategic alliance with Incoma, a leading Spanish company specializing in renewable energy projects encompassing solar and wind turbines, electricity, and distribution stations.

Building upon its success, IUC Engineering Company has agreements with  the Korean company heerim  in the alliance in any projects and it specializes in the design, supervision and management of superstructure projects. Such as hotels, hospitals, high-rise towers, sports stadiums, residential units, commercial centres, international airports, and cultural conferences.

In addition to these existing collaborations, IUC has expanded its network by partnering with BAUM, a company specializing in project management. This collaboration is poised to strengthen IUC’s capabilities in effective project planning and execution. Furthermore, the collaboration with KECC, an engineering-focused company, augments IUC’s technical prowess and proficiency in delivering engineering solutions of the highest standards.

To further diversify its collaborations, IUC has entered into a strategic partnership with Yooshin, a company specializing in infrastructure projects, including the intricate domains of suspension and double-deck bridges. This collaboration not only broadens IUC’s portfolio but also enhances its ability to undertake complex infrastructure projects with precision and innovation. The collective expertise of these collaborations solidifies IUC Engineering Company’s position as a dynamic force in the global engineering landscape.

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